Technology has finally caught up with aesthetics.

For years we have waited for digital technology to catch up with the aesthetic nature of film. It happened a few years ago with digital photography but it has finally arrived for motion images.  We can now shoot HD video that looks pretty much exactly the same as 35mm film on a DSLR camera. What does this mean? Imagine being able to produce stunning imagery without the hassle and cumbersome process of using 35mm motion film cameras. Not to mention the excellent low light capabilities, stunning images, vast choice of lens and being able to upload the footage and start editing within minutes of shooting.

Technology has finally arrived… Well to be truthful it arrived November the 28th 2008 from an on-line camera shop in Hong Kong and I’ve been honing my photographic skills over the last year to a point now where I’m ready to offer my services to my existing clients and hopefully some new ones. So if you have any projects you need a hand with just drop me a line and we’ll see what we can do.

I’ll be posting some samples of my work over the next few weeks so please check back for further updates.


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