Reset landscape sampler.

Most of the material on this short sampler clip has been shot with using kit that you can fit in a rucksack. A lightweight high quality camera and tripod with the occasional addition of a small dolly track to get some additional movements in to the shots. I’ve also used some timelapse motion control kit which works well tracking or with pan and tilt heads.

I love the fact that I can shoot from the top of a mountain with 35mm kit and walk the kit up the hill on your back, not to mention street shoots where people simply don’t notice your shooting and leave you to it.

Having spent years working as a editor/compositor it’s been a great to get away from the computer and to actually work hard physically to get the shots I want. I’ve been really keen to try and keep the work I’m doing as natural as possible.

Having just completed the filming and editing on an Audi ad and also a short corporate in September. I can honestly say that I think my passion is firmly being planted in shooting and directing my own material once again. It seems a distant memory now but I actually directed a lot more when I first started out back in Newcastle many moons ago. It’s an exciting time and I’m hoping to get my teeth into more shooting this year, a passion relit.


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